Colecciones temáticas en Singapore 2015

Ya han sido publicadas las colecciones temáticas que participarán en Singapore 2015 …

Chequer, Graeme/Gaye
About Orchids - A Chat
Tian, Runpu
Dai, Shuangjie
Riera, Manuel
Les Cheloniens (Turtles)
Putranto, Tono Dwi
Journey of an old king from Serengeti
Adiutama, Bahrudin
The Primates
Thill, Roger
The Mysterious World of Mycology
Batbileg, Binderiya
Jaskulski, Janusz
Angling - My Hobby
Rozek, Mieczyslaw
Towards Moutains Peaks
Safonov, Lev
Polar History of Russia
Bottu, Mark
If you want to be my disciples; Christian Monastic…
Paquet, Jacques
The Gothic Cathedral Between God and Men
Veiga, Fernando
Linking Borrowers to Lenders
Diaz, Luis Fernando
Coffee: Ambassador of the Tropics
Navas, Oswaldo
Scouting Movement, Education for peace
Herrmann, Daniel
Olympism, The Perpetual Battle by Renovators
Krol, Francois
Onuma, Yukio
Beethoven - His Life in a Historical Context and his Legacy
Shong, Ilho
Historical Development of Labor
Kim, Chang Han
Golf Competition with Glory and Pleasure
Pimenovs, Igor
Sailing along the Historical Routes under the Latvian Flag
Chadraabal, Sodoo
Genghis Khan
Nibe, Gunn
Care and Nuturing from a Historical Perspective
Slettebo, Hallvard
World Scouting
Solaas, Bjorn Gunnar
Der Deutsche Maler Albrecht Durer …
Er, Chiang Song
Musical Instruments
Bankov, Vitaliy
Winter Olympic Games 1924-1964
Stagg, Barry
Parachuting Through the Ages
Macedo, Reinaldo Estevao
River in Harness - Energy in Liberty
Ke, Yujin
Oil and Gas - How they have come into human life history
Rouch, Bernadette
Wood: An Inventory
Jain, Pragya
I am bow and this is my story
Hamid, Rachmat Asaad
Bridges, From Nature to Modern Structures
Mey-Raz, Yohanan
Watch yourself very carefully
Kim, Chang Hwan
The Story of Chemistry
Dorjkorloo, Misheel
Russell, Graeme
Chemistry Servant of Mankind
Veggeland, Turid
Bitter Pills and Strong Drops
Taraldsen, Petter J
On Tracks
Tan, Roger
I am a connector (Bridge)

El conjunto total de las colecciones puede consultarse… aquí.

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